Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council of Saint Malachy Catholic Church was established to assist through providing counsel, advice and stewardship to our Pastor in his duty of teaching, sanctifying and governing our parish by creating and sustaining means for [Can.528-529]:

  1. Instructing our parish in the truths of the Catholic faith.
  2. Fostering parishioner participation in the works of mercy.
  3. Caring for the Catholic education of our parish children and youth.
  4. Evangelizing those who have ceased the practice of our religion or do not possess the true faith.
  5. Making the Most Holy Eucharist the center of our parish life.
  6. Nourishing a devout and frequent celebration of the sacraments in our parish, especially the Most Holy Eucharist and Penance.
  7. Promoting in our parish the mission of the Universal Catholic Church, especially as part of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis.

The Pastoral Council meets at least nine times per year on the third Thursday of the month. Parishioners are welcome to attend meetings, except when special conditions warrant the call for a closed meeting.  Agenda topics may be submitted for consideration by the Executive Committee to  .