interested in having a fundraiser?

St Malachy Catholic Parish has defined stewardship as the sharing of time, talent and treasures. While all
three are vitally important to maintain a vibrant Parish, the time and talent portion of stewardship should
first and foremost be the emphasis for all parishioners. St Malachy is very fortunate to be blessed with
many generous and giving parishioners that fund the Parish with their treasures through weekly Sunday
envelopes, miscellaneous donations and Lenten almsgiving. With the aforementioned in mind, the general
philosophy of St Malachy is all general financial needs for the Parish should be budgeted for through the
annual budgeting process which commences in January and is generally completed by May for the
ensuing July 1st fiscal year.

If extra ordinary financial needs arise for the Parish, that are above and beyond the budgeting process,
then the following fundraising policy should be adhered to for all new and recurring fundraisers on an
annual basis.

How do i get approval to hold a fundraiser?

Within this document, the use of the term Parish shall refer to all church, church ministries,
school and school related organizations (including athletic committees) and third-party requests
(i.e. Knights of Columbus, Scouts, etc.) that desire to conduct fundraising activities at St Malachy
Catholic Church.

Full Fundraising Policy Here

Next Steps


An electronic fundraising application form can be found HERE.


Upon approval, the application will be forwarded to the coordinator of communication and
community development who will work with the applicant to set up any required facility and
marketing communication needs.

Within 60 days after the completion of the fundraiser, the applicant is required to submit a
fundraising summary form (including a financial summary if applicable) of the event. The
Finance Council will then review the summary and provide written feedback to the applicant as
quickly as possible. The fundraising summary form can be found HERE.