Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

October 03, 2021 | Father Varghese Maliakkal

Passage: Mark 10:2-16

This weekend, Father Varghese Maliakkal, Pastor, St. Thomas Aquinas is with us to celebrate the Mass and to make a mission appeal for the Diocese of Kohima, Nagaland, India. 

The Mission Office has assigned the Diocese of Kohima, in the northeast of India, to our parish for the Missionary Co-op Plan 2021. The Bishop of Kohima was to be here to make the Mission Appeal, but due to the visa restrictions, he could not, so he asked Fr. Varghese to do it on his behalf.

Here is a brief description:

The Diocese of Kohima, in the State of Nagaland, is fairly a new diocese with about 60,000 Catholic converts belonging to 15 major tribes, each with its own distinct tradition, culture and dialect. The lay leaders, especially the full time and part time catechists, are in the forefront of evangelization as they contact new villages and tirelessly work to preach and convert. Besides direct evangelization, the Church is actively involved in the everyday life of the people through other forms of apostolate like education, health care, self-help projects, rehabilitation of the sick, the orphans, and the addicts. Much remains to be done for this interior and under-developed region and that is possible through the generosity of Catholics like you who join the Church’s mission of evangelization through your contribution, prayers and support. Please be generous as your means permit. Thank you for your good will.


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