RE (Religious Education)

Building Faith Children

Religious Education Classes are held from 8:30am-10am allowing children to participate at Mass with their families in order to apply and reinforce the faith formation they are experiencing during the Religious Education classes. 

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Sunday, December 5, 2021


8:30am - 10:00am


School - 2nd Grade-202-Prahl, School - 2nd Grade-203-Strahle, School - Kindergarten-132-, School - Kindergarten-133-Feeney, School - 7th Grade-141-Ray, School - 7th Grade-142-Science, School - 6th Grade-143-Smith, School - 6th Grade-144-Carson/Youth Ministry, School - 3rd Grade-404-Hernandez, School - 3rd Grade-405-Adler, School - 4th Grade-406-Humbert, School - 4th Grade-407-Craney, School - 5th Grade-408-Domogalik, School - 5th Grade-409-Eck, School - Library