2021 CLOVER Survey

by Father Sean Danda on October 17, 2021

Dear Parishioners:

You are probably aware that our goal here at St. Malachy is to help you become the best disciple of Jesus Christ that you can be by embracing and living out your Catholic faith.  In this way, we grow closer to God and one another.  I have often proposed that there are certain principles that help you do that which make up the acronym C.L.O.V.E.R. which stands for…..

Confession:  We accept God’s mercy extended to us through the sacramental life and seek the path of true conversion in our daily lives.

Life:  We celebrate all human life as a precious gift from God from the moment of conception, and we strive to help parents raise their children in a loving relationship to God.

Our Lady:  We find a sure path to Jesus through the one who loved Him most on earth, his Blessed Mother; by coming to her, we are led closer to Him.

Vocations:  We know God has a plan for every person’s life, and we seek to help each other discern and discover that special plan or vocation.

Eucharist:  We believe in the Eucharistic Jesus who makes Himself really and truly present in the bread and wine consecrated at Mass and preserved in the tabernacle.

Revealed Word:  We are life-long learners of Sacred Scripture (Bible), Sacred Tradition, and the rich heritage of Catholic thought passed on to us over the centuries.

In so many ways, we are growing closer to God and one another through our life and experiences here at St. Malachy.  However, every now and again, we want to do a check up to see how we are growing as a community in the ways previously mentioned and determine needs/other ways we can assist you on the road to sainthood.

Back in the Fall/Winter of 2019, we did our first ever “CLOVER SURVEY” with 386 participants.   Next, the pandemic happened and we were not able to do much follow-through with the results.

We would like to try this again.  We have modified the survey to be shorter and more concise.  It will be digital and links will be provided starting next weekend for two weeks (October 23rd-November 6th).  We would like to double, if not triple, the number of participants.  We ask that every member of your household over 18 take this survey, in order to help us minister in the most effective ways.

We are interested in knowing:  Where are you spiritually right now?  What would help you to grow in your Catholic faith?  Where would you like to see your relationship with God and one another go?

We will be using the results to help us continue to mark how we are doing in our mission of forming and encouraging discipleship and how we can provide future programming to aid these goals.

Staying focused on the mission of Jesus Christ to save souls and become saints is the most important thing we can do as a parish.  I am very thankful to the members of the Pastoral Council who have helped with this process and will help us to unpack the results planning for the future.

Please watch our e-newsletter and website for the link to the CLOVER Survey.

In Jesus, through Mary and St. Joseph,

Father Danda


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