Shamrock Schooltime and Summertime 

Shamrock Schooltime

Extended Day 

St. Malachy School offers an after school program for any student enrolled
in St. Malachy. Extended Day operates from 2:30-6:00 pm every day except
Wednesday. Wednesday we operate from 2-6:00 pm. Students are given a
snack, time to play inside and out, and homework time.  Extended Day staff
supervises students at all times.

Shamrock Schooltime

Morning Care

St. Malachy School offers morning care for students from 6:45 to 7:30 am
when the first bell rings. The cost per student is $1.00. 

Shamrock Summertime

Over-the-Break Camps

St. Malachy School offers camps during breaks including
Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter breaks for students at all grade levels.
This may change based on total enrollment, and pandemic guidelines.
Please see registration materials and contact us with any questions
you may have.  

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