Our Mission


“Today we will be learning,
loving and living with Christ”


Our 2023-2024 SCHOOL Theme

“Let all you do be done in Love. . .
Through C.L.O.V.E.R.”


Our SCHOOL Motto

“We are Shamrock Strong"

Our mission is to provide an education that fosters academic excellence and integrates the traditions of the Catholic faith in all curricular areas. We strive to nurture the spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of each student while respecting and accepting all individuals as members of God’s family.

We begin each morning saying our school mission statement and theme over the announcements followed by a bible verse, a reflection, and a prayer. Praying together as a school family renews our spirits and encourages smiles each day.  

St. Malachy Catholic School is a faith-filled family. Our school motto is "Shamrock Strong" which describes our unity and support of each other. From inside the classroom to the gym floor, from pep rallies and in serving others, we take much pride in our faith and togetherness as one St. Malachy family.