Academic Courses


Our faith unites us and as Jesus promised, "where two or three are gathered in My name, there am I among them" (Matthew 18:20). Faith formation classes are one of many ways St. Malachy students have the opportunity to grow closer to Christ. Our teachers use the Blest Are We curriculum series which is centered on learning about our Catholic faith along with Christian values such as forgiveness, compassion, service, and how we can model Christ. This learning reaches into the other areas of our curriculum as well as onto the playground and the playing field, into the home and neighborhood, and ultimately around the world.

Our 1st-5th grade classes use Everyday Mathematics. This curriculum helps students develop a deeper understanding of math as well as powerful, life-long habits of mind such as perseverance, creative thinking, and the ability to express and defend their reasoning. Teachers also use Freckle Education by Renaissance, a differentiation platform to meet students at their level. Middle school students are offered 6th grade math, 7th grade math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, and Geometry. Algebra 1 and Geometry classes are taught at a high school level and can be used as high school credit.


Middle school students complete a variety of labs and lab write ups. They learn how to apply scientific inquiry to questions. They are able to manipulate many ideas, as well as objects and reactions. Our science curriculum exposes students to a variety of science fields and helps prepare them for high school.

Social studies

In Middle School Social Studies, each grade explores a different part of our world. Students learn about the history, culture, government, and geography of various civilizations both past and present. 6th graders explore the Americas and Europe. 7th graders discover Africa, Asia, and the world religions. 8th graders learn about U.S. government and history using the We the People textbook and participate in the We the People Competition.  

Language Arts

Middle school English uses a variety of sources to complete the many state standards in English. For reading, students use a digital reading series called Study Sync which is a division of McGraw Hill as well as Novel studies. The students participate in Daily Language Review to practice grade specific grammar skills. Students complete small writing assessments as well as the required larger writing pieces:  narrative, explanatory, and argumentative. Both use the ILEARN scoring rubric to prepare for the stat assessment. Students learn to create Works Cited and formally use cited information in their writing.


Spanish is taught to students in kindergarten through 8th grades. Kindergarten through 2nd grade students enjoy Spanish once a week and third grade through 6th grade students participate in Spanish class twice a week. Finally, 7th and 8th grade students have Spanish three times a week.  Students in the early grades are taught through a whole language approach. Older students analyze Spanish in order to comprehend, speak, read, and write in Spanish.  The final semester of 8th grade is taught all in Spanish.  All grades do activities to learn about Hispanic culture as well.  If needed, students transferring into St. Malachy can receive extra help during the school day or after school in order to assist with transitioning into Spanish class.


We offer Art, Library, Music, Physical Education, Spanish, and Technology to all of our students. Elementary students have Art, Music, PE, and Spanish twice a week, and Library and Technology once a week. Our middle school students have Spanish and PE twice a week and Library once a week for the entire school year in addition to their Specials Block.

middle school Block

For middle school students, the first two class periods make up our Specials Block. The first quarter of the school year students have a Learning Lab using Freckle Education by Renaissance Learning. Then students rotate through the special classes for the next three quarters. Their special classes are Art, Music, Computer Science/Coding, Technology, Freckle, and E-Lab.

Academic Extra-Curriculars

We are proud to offer a wide range of academic extra-curricular activities. From deanery to statewide competitions,
students from fifth through eighth grades are invited to demonstrate their skills in a diverse range of curricular areas.

Academic Challenge

Academic Challenge is a group competition between the West Deanery Catholic Schools that is held at Cardinal Ritter High School. Team tryouts are usually held before Christmas break and the six week competition begins in February on Tuesdays after school. The students practice with the “buzzers” with past years' questions. The schools compete for the coveted “Brain” trophy.

Spell Bowl

Spell Bowl is sponsored by the Indiana Association of School Principals. The team is made up of 8 students with up to 8 alternates who participate in the district competition each fall. The competition consists of eight rounds with each round having nine words for the individual team member to spell correctly. The team meets to practice possible words from a list published by IASP.

Academic Super Bowl

The Junior Academic Super Bowl is hosted each year by the Indiana Association of School Principals. The competition focuses on one topic of study, such as Ancient Greece or Westward Expansion. Each participating school has five teams: history, math, science, English, and interdisciplinary with a maximum of 24 members on the squad. Students meet on a weekly basis with the subject coach during second semester. The competition typically takes place on the last Saturday of April and consists of 25 multiple choice questions answered by each subject group.

Art Contest

The West Deanery Art Contest is held as part of a Diocesan wide celebration of Catholic Schools Week. One St. Malachy student from kindergarten to eighth grade is chosen to participate in the Art Contest. First, Second, Third, & Participation ribbons are awarded. Cardinal Ritter High School hosts this wonderful celebration of our talented West Deanery artists.

Math Bowl

St. Malachy participates in the West Deanery SMART contest each year in January. Our school enters up to 6 students in each of the categories: 5th grade math, 6th grade math, 7th grade math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, and Geometry.

Theology Bowl

The West Deanery Theology Bowl is held as part of a Diocesan wide celebration of Catholic Schools Week. Students form a Theology team and participate in a competition based on our Catholic faith. Cardinal Ritter High School hosts the competition testing students on everything from sacraments to Saints.