Tuition & Fees


$250.00 PER FAMILY in Kindergarten – Eighth Grade
$100.00 PER FAMILY in Clovers, Preschool, or STEM

This fee declares your intent for the coming
school year and enables the school administration both
accurate information and necessary capital for classroom
and curriculum decisions in the spring and early summer.

Tuition & Fees

It is our goal to keep education as affordable as possible while setting tuition at a level that allows for continued excellence in programs and facilities. These tuition levels represent our commitment to supporting a quality, Catholic education.

Kindergarten - 8th Grade


$5,960 per child for 1st – 8th grades and Full Day Kindergarten.

St. Malachy Parishioner Rate Requirement:  Registered Parishioner at least
six months prior to registration date; or attending a Catholic Church that
does not have a Catholic School and providing a Letter of Good Standing;
or moving into the community and providing a Letter of Good Standing
from your prior Catholic Church.


$6,813 per child for grades 1st – 8th grades and Full Day Kindergarten.

technology Fee

$150 per STUDENT. This fee helps reduce the continuing technology costs
the school absorbs for the betterment of our students.

Preschool, STEM, and Clovers

MWF Half Days

Parishioner:  $2,980 per student
Non-Parishioner:  $3,260 per student

MWF Full Days

Parishioner: $4,210 per student
Non-Parishioner: $4,600 per student

TR Half Days

Parishioner: $1,740 per student
Non-Parishioner: $1,900 per student

TR Full Days

Parishioner: $3,470 per student
Non-Parishioner: $3,780 per student

5 Day Full Days

Parishioner: $5,850 per student
Non-Parishioner: $6,380 per student

Service Hours

Each St. Malachy Catholic School family is required to complete 20 hours of service to our school/church in the 2022-2023 school year. There is a $200 service deposit fee which will be included in the first payment of each school year. This can be refunded or reapplied once Family Service Hours are completed.

Financial Assistance

St. Malachy School is passionate about our Catholic faith and education. For more information regarding Financial Assistance, including specific application instructions and submission dates, contact John Kiefer, the parish business manager.

This scholarship program is administered by the State of Indiana and we are able to apply on your behalf.
This link details the household income vs. household size for review. If you believe you qualify,
please reach out to John Kiefer, our parish business manager.

The church and school recognize the tremendous investment and commitment families spend in sending their kids to St. Malachy School. The Shamrock Family Scholarship was developed to address those families who do not qualify for the CHOICE scholarship or SGO grants, yet desire financial assistance to decrease the burden of tuition costs. All can apply and the criteria for this scholarship is stewardship, or the giving of your time, talent or treasure to St. Malachy Catholic Church and School.

Scholarship Application

St. Malachy Parishioners and stakeholders have the opportunity to make contributions to the Choice Charitable Trust,
designated for St. Malachy Catholic School. These funds can be used to provide scholarships to families
in need of assistance. Again, they are based upon household income and household size.