Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO)

Dear Parents and Friends of St. Malachy Catholic School,

To make the opportunity of a Catholic education available to a growing number of families, it takes financial sacrifices and resources. We believe this remarkable school experience should be made available to as many of our families as possible. 

We ask that you consider partnering with us to ensure all of our St. Malachy families can have the oppportunity to attend our Catholic school. The Indiana Tax Credit Scholarship program was created to give families who meet certain income guidelines this opportunity. Through the generosity of people like you, private donations are given as scholarships so students may attend a parochial school that may not have been an option otherwise. 

Through donating to the Indiana State Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO), not only would you be supporting St. Malachy Catholic School students, YOU WILL RECEIVE AN INDIANA STATE TAX CREDIT of 50% of the donation amount. The donation also qualifies as a charitable deduction on federal tax returns. 

Please take a moment and look over the information to the right as you consider a contribution to the SGO program. An online option and mail-in form are both available. You may contact me with any questions at (317) 852-2242 or via e-mail at . Thank you for your consideration and support!

God Bless You,

Mrs. Saundra Kennison, Principal