Healthy Reminders for Cold and Flu Season

by Karin Bell, R.N. on February 06, 2020


Just wanted to send these out, as we handle the illnesses and challenges of staying healthy!

1.) Please send in chapstick, if your child requires it, for chapped lips. This time of year dries them out quickly and they hurt. They may keep it in their pocket or backpack, but please remind them to use it appropriately and not to share it with others.

2.) Encourage lots of fluids for hydration and flushing out toxins. The clinic sees alot of headaches and many are due to insufficient fluid intake. They may bring their own clear water bottle to keep with them for Middle School/classroom for intermediate and primary. There is always our water fountains as well.The cafe keeps a pitcher of water during lunchtime for the students too, located on a table near the salad bar.


4.) Cover mouth and noses with elbow when coughing and sneezing.

5.) Healthy eating, Vitamins and Extra Vitamin C if possible.

On a side note too, the clinic sees students who come in with stomach upset, only to have them state that they did not eat breakfast. They are encouraged, even if they do not feel like it, to please eat a little something as the body will tell them its hungry by way of pains or upset. Some will say they did not have time and were rushed. They are reminded that they can prepare the night before so they are ready to go in the morning. Hopefully this will help you know we are trying to help and support here at school, what you are doing and reminding at home.

Also, our maintenance staff is consistently administering extra sanitizing in every room during this time of year, as well as our teachers who use the Clorox wipes throughout the day when able.

Prayers to all of us, working together as a team, to keep everyone healthy and in school!

God Bless,

Mrs. Bell

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