Coronavirus 2019

February 06, 2020

Good afternoon,

For your information, I have included in the Clinic's "Links and Resources"a page from the CDC website about this virus and Public action to be taken. Here at SMS, we will continue with protocol of handling our Flu/virus cases, but add measures, in adherence with guidelines from CDC at state and local levels, as stated on the CDC website. I have been in touch with our local County Health Dept, to keep updated and they will keep schools informed if/when need be. Currently, local risk is low. I will ask that you please inform our school if you or anyone you know and have been in contact with, has traveled to and from China recently or has exhibited the main symptoms of coronavirus, which is Fever, Cough, Shortness of breath. Nationally, they are detaining and quarantining those individuals coming into the States before releasing as an added measure of safety/precaution of spreading. Please continue to pray and call with any additional questions or concerns.

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