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St. Malachy’s production rich Visual Arts curriculum integrates art history and art principles as a means for self-expression and fine motor skill development.  Students in Kindergarten through Eighth grade are given the tools to explore diverse media, to develop problem-solving skills, to utilize the elements and principles of art, and to utilize visual arts across the curriculum.

All students are evaluated on effort, class participation, following directions, proper use of media, and completion of projects. 

Students in Kindergarten through Eighth grade are evaluated using a points system.  Students receive five participation points at the beginning of each Art class and earn these points by putting forth their best attitude, effort, and participation.  Students earn points based on the criteria for each particular project.  Each project is assigned a point value based on its degree of difficulty.  

All behaviors that affect the ability of the student or classmates to participate in Art class will result in points taken away from the participation grade.  Inappropriate behavior will be communicated to the homeroom teacher through a behavior slip.

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