Middle School Social Studies with Mr. Weil

Welcome To Social Studies!

We will be doing map work and exploring primary sources.
There will also be some major and minor projects throughout the year.

Everyday in Social Studies you will need the following:

  • Something to write with (pencils and/or pens)
  • Colored Pencils
  • Social Studies binder (for note taking and storing assignments)
  • Assignment Notebook

When you walk into the classroom the first thing you should do is check the board as it will have instructions on what to get started on. All students will be expected to be following whatever the board says at the start of class.

Homework will not be assigned everyday but you should expect around 2-4 assignment per week. Some of these assignments will be started in class and you will be expected to finish at home. Others will need to be done at home.

All of my assignments and classwork will be found on Google. I will share a folder to all my classes that will have digital copies of any handouts I may give. If you are absent you should check Google and then check with me to make sure you are caught up.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at