Thank you for your interest in enrolling your child at St. Malachy Catholic School. 

We encourage prospective families to contact our school office to arrange to pick up an Application for Enrollment and Admissions Packet containing information and additional forms needed to enroll. For your convenience, the Application for Enrollment (Preschool or K - 8), Admissions Packet, and additional information can be found below.

To enroll, please complete the Application for Enrollment (Preschool and/or K - 8) and additional forms and turn in to the school office along with the non-refundable registration fee of $250 for Kindergarten to eighth grade or $100 for Clovers, Preschool, and STEM.

We look forward to having you join our Shamrock family!

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Enrollment Checklist


Information for all Students

The Admissions Packet contains information and forms needed to enroll. The Application for Enrollment (separate form) can be found on this page under Preschool Enrollment and/or Kindergarten - 8th Grade Enrollment.  

View Packet

The State of School document, written by our principal, Mrs. Angela Bostrom, provides information about St. Malachy School. 

View State of School

The Parent Student Handbook serves as the primary means of distributing school policies and information.

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Clover, Preschool, and STEM Enrollment

The Application for Enrollment for Clover, Preschool, and STEM students. 

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The Tuition Agreement for Clover, Preschool and STEM students. 

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The Preschool Handbook provides information for Clover, Preschool and STEM programs.

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Kindergarten - 8th Grade Enrollment

Application for Enrollment for students in Kindergarten - 8th Grade.  

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Tuition Agreement for Parishioners, students in Kindergarten - 8th Grade. 

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Tuition Agreement for Non-Parishioners, students in Kindergarten - 8th Grade. 

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