Upcoming Mass Time Changes

by Father Sean Danda on August 01, 2022

Dear Parish Family:

This weekend, religious education and RCIA begin.  I’ve been consulting and considering some modifications to our Mass and religious education class schedules.  I mentioned this last weekend but wanted to put it in writing along with some other details…

We will shift our Sunday morning schedule slightly.  Religious Education and RCIA will begin at 8:45am and finish at 10:15am.  Sunday Masses will be 7:30am and 10:30am.  This is a fifteen minute shift for RE/RCIA and the second Sunday Mass.  This begins next weekend, August 7th, with the start of RE & RCIA.

It is important for us to offer a 1.5 hour RE/RCIA class time per session and for all those involved—catechists, students, families--to have the opportunity to attend Mass either before or after class.  The 8:30am class start time was not providing enough time for transition.  I hope this fifteen minute shift for RE/RCIA and 10:30am Mass will help.

Our participation at Mass is so formative to us.  We say that the Eucharist (Mass) is the source and summit of our faith.  Learning our faith in the classes is important but it all falls apart without a full participation in the Mass.  It is always a sacrifice to get to Mass, but it is one that pays dividends in the Kingdom of heaven!

You may already know that Father Clawson is chaplain coordinator at Cardinal Ritter High School.  He and I will start sharing a 7:15am Tuesday morning Mass at Cardinal Ritter when their classes resume.  This will not affect the St. Malachy normal Tuesday evening routine that includes 5-6pm Holy Hour & Confessions and 6:15pm Mass.  We will continue to both be available for confessions on Tuesday evenings.

For some time, also, we’ve not been able to provide regular nursing home Masses.  Father Clawson and I will begin a rotation of nursing home Masses on Thursdays starting in August at those facilities that can accommodate us and that have a certain level of attendance.

As you may know, it is important for priests to take off one day per week as directed by the Archdiocese.  I will continue to take Mondays off while Father Clawson will take off Fridays.  Since Father Clawson will be available on Mondays, he will start celebrating 8:15am Mass on Monday mornings beginning August 8th.  

Finally, I have been approached by the Brownsburg Police Department about serving as one of their civilian chaplains.  I believe this is something I can and should do for our community.  I am meeting with BPD on August 5th to solidify details in this role.  I am also speaking with Deacon Dan about us trying to provide Mass once a month for the prison ministry he facilitates.

As I write this, it sounds like a lot.  I believe these are the things God is calling us to at this moment and trust in His grace and strength.  I am so grateful to have Father Clawson with us.  He is a great relief and will help us provide for many sacramental needs of our community and archdiocese.  We will keep an eye on how things are going and modify if necessary.  In the meantime, please keep us in your prayers as we settle into this new ministerial relationship.


In Jesus, through Mary and St. Joseph,

Father Danda


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