Living the CLOVER Life - St. Malachy's New Podcast

Living the CLOVER Life will introduce us to CLOVER and delve deeper into its meaning. Please join us for our next podcast episode.

by Jenny Zeunik on February 16, 2022

The idea of a podcast for St. Malachy has been around for a couple years, but now it is finally coming to fruition thanks to Father Danda, Nathanael Rea, and April Milner. "Living the CLOVER Life" will once again introduce us to CLOVER and delve deeper into its meaning of Confession, Life, Our Lady, Vocations, Eucharist, and Revealed Word. Join Father Danda and Nathanael on Friday, March 4th for Episode One - An Introduction to CLOVER. New episodes will be released every Friday on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, and on our website

Special shoutout to Pastoral Council Vice Chairperson, April Milner, for helping our staff get this new platform up and running.

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