Feb 8, 2021

This blog post is my weekly newsletter to families. In this week's post, read about parking at dismissal reminders along with changes in quarantine and social distancing guidelines from the CDC.

February 08, 2021

Dear parents,

  Some reminders:

  • Parents I need your help.  reminder the parking lot closes 5 minutes  before the end of the day, I have parents trying to go around the late line and sneaking into the overflow.  This jeopardizes students, staff and parents safety.  I have considered restricting entrance to the parking lot to only 750 and blocking it off but I hate penalizing all for just a few who are not following the rules.  I am open to any suggestions you may have on how to better secure our parking lot.  Thank you to those who enter in a timely and safe manner and adhere to our requests in the event you are late or “doing it wrong”
  • Attached is information about Cans in Your Hands for a casual day
  • We are going to have scout picture day on Friday, February 12th. Students should wear their scout uniform to school on this day.
  •  As you know, our reentry plan is fluid and continues to change.  As you know in late December the ISHD removed the 7 day quarantine option for students.  Effective today they also decreased the exposure space to 3 feet which is great news for us for this will cut down on our quarantines in the event of an exposure in the classroom.  Anytime the ISDH comes out with new guidelines, I will consult my reentry medical team then update as they see fit for our school.   I will include it in my weekly email as well as post on our website, which is required by the DOE. 
  • Ash Wednesday, 6-8th will be attending Mass while K-5 will live stream and receive ashes.
  •  Please check the 2021-2022 calendar, spring break for 2022 was changed to align with Ritter and Brownsburg
  • Attached is the registration form for summer camp and Clover Clubhouse for preschoolers.
  • In the event you get tested for COVID, prior to returning to school or CYO we need a copy of the results, whether positive or negative.
  • Friendly reminder, when on campus please wear a mask. 
  • If you utilize extended day or are in the late line you can only TEXT(463)209-9650 no longer call the pickup line for it will not be answered.  In the event you must speak to Mrs. Wheeler please contact her at (317) 852-2242 ext 7204

Finally, when you arrive:                                                       

o    Park

o    Text(include pin #,name, and grade levels)

o    Proceed to the airlock where once staff has a visual of you they will release the student from the office.

Our Eyes are Fixed on the Lord.


Mrs. Angela Bostrom


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