Men's FIRE Ministry

Fan the Flame Within

Men, there is greatness in you and that greatness is God’s. God loves you. He is proud of you, and he has an amazing plan for your life. 

Unfortunately, you have an enemy. “The devil prowls around like a lion seeking someone to devour” (1 Peter 5:8). He seeks devour your life in darkness by keeping you isolated, disempowered, living with an orphan spirit, confused about our value and identity, and focused only on the worries and pleasures of the moment. But you aren’t meant to live this way. 

So fight with FIRE (Fraternity, Inspiration, Reconciliation, and Eternity). You are made for Fraternity(Brotherhood). You are made for Inspiration (to be filled with the Holy Spirit). You are meant to be Reconciled with the Father. You are made for Eternity.

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Men are made for Fraternity:

  • Through Fraternity, we affirm the masculine genius and encourage men to fan the flame within by engaging with other Catholic men.
  • We promote building a communal and shared life to keep the flame alive and direct that fire. The fire of passion within is an excellent servant but a terrible master. We do this through 
    • FIRE Nights - Larger evenings of fraternity where we enjoy each other’s company, celebrate life as Catholic men, and grow in our faith. 
    • We also encourage men to form FIRE Cells - 4 man fraternities to share life, grow in brotherhood, and support one another.

Men were made for Inspiration:

  • By inspiration, we do not mean the tired and bland term that merely means getting excited or feeling good. We mean going on mission with Christ and living the adventure of Life in the Spirit. Inspiration literally means to be filled with the spirit.
  • Just like a water jug is made to be filled with water. Men were made to be filled with the Holy Spirit.
  • We work to help men unleash the Holy Spirit in their lives to empower them for spiritual combat. 

Men are meant to be Reconciled with the Father:

  • We urge men to accept the call to be sons of God, to come to know the Father, and to live out of the power of authentic sonship as their true identity. 

Men are made for Eternity:

  • We encourage men to consider the eternal impact of their lives and choices, for good or ill.
  • Heaven is for real and God has a plan for you.
  • Hell is for real and Satan has a plan for you.

Join the men of St. Malachy and Fan the Flame Within.