In Father Danda's letter, we hear about Seminarian Matthew Perronie's ordination to the transitional diaconate for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis as well as additional vocations as a calling from God.

by Father Sean Danda on April 11, 2021

Dear Parishioners:
On Saturday, April 10th, 11:00am EST, at St. Meinrad Archabbey, Seminarians
Matthew Perronie and Michael Clawson were ordained to the transitional
diaconate for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. They will be ordained priests of
the Archdiocese in June 2022.
This is exciting news! Deacon Matthew Perronie is from St. Malachy
Parish. He was baptized, confirmed and made his first Holy Communion here
at the Easter Vigil in 2010. Since then, many of you have accompanied him
through his years of formations (four years at Bishop Simon Brute College
Seminary and three years now at St. Meinrad School of Theology).
Maybe you’re wondering: “Why was he ordained a deacon? I thought he was
going to become a priest!?!” The truth is that ordination to the diaconate is a
step towards ordination to the priesthood. That is why I said he was ordained
a “transitional” deacon. He is transitioning from the diaconate to the
priesthood over the course of the next year so long as his formators and the
Archbishop give him final approval. So, let’s keep him in our prayers especially
over this last year of formation.
We will be blessed to have Deacon Matthew serve as a deacon for all the Masses here on May 15-16. He will
preach the homily that day too.
The diaconate and priesthood are just two of many vocations in the Church. A “vocation” is a “calling” from
God. Deacons, priests and bishops are part of the vocation to Holy Orders. Religious brothers & sisters, monks
and nuns are part of the vocation to Religious Life. Yet, the vast majority of Catholics are called to a vocation to
marriage or the single life as part of the Laity. This is no less of a calling!
Married people and single persons have a vocation (a real “calling”) from God to bring the Gospel into the lives
of so many people which priests and religious cannot because you encounter them in places we do not. We
need you to take your calling serious so that the Body of Christ grows. Without your witness and invitation,
those people would not ever consider exploring the Catholic Church.
You ask anyone who just joined our parish through the RCIA process. I bet it was an everyday ordinary Catholic
just like yourself who inspired them to check out the Catholic faith.
Priests are nice because they give us the sacraments; religious are great because they dedicate their lives to God
in a heroic way; but the laity (single and married persons alike) are the ones who generally make new disciples
out of unbelievers. This is why Pope Francis has encouraged us all, but especially the laity, to embrace the
missionary spirit of discipleship.
Let’s continue to thank God for the many vocations He calls us to. Let’s help young people to discern and
discover their individual vocations from God. And, let’s all be the witnesses that God is calling us to be in the
In Jesus, through Mary,
Father Danda

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