Our New Website!

by Father Sean Danda on February 28, 2021

Exciting news….New Parish Website, App & Management System!!!


Last year we started looking for various technology upgrades including parish management software, mobile apps, and a brand new website.  We know how important it is now more than ever since the start of this pandemic to stay up-to-date on technology and communication.  The Parish Staff, Pastoral Council, and I believe that these tools will boost our ability to minister to you and our entire community.


We have spent a lot of time on these projects and finally feel ready to present them.  Over the next three weeks, I’ll continue to write about and discuss each of them highlighting how to use them and what we hope to do with them.  Be sure also to watch for more information in our E-newsletter!

On March 1st, this upcoming Monday, the new website goes LIVE.  This new website includes both a church and school site.  The website address has not changed.  It remains:  www.stmalachy.org.  Our goal in reformatting and developing a fresh outlook on the website was simple—to make it ministry focused!  Our information and renewed focus is on our parish mission of forming disciples for Jesus, especially through the principles of CLOVER.  If you can’t quite remember what CLOVER stands for, check it out on the website on Monday!

Throughout the site we’ve tried to minimize the quantity of information while maximizing the quality of information.  A few examples include: accessing the church calendar with filtering options so that you can see the activities are most relevant to you; learning more about CLOVER through links, videos, and other good spiritual resources; reviewing parish ministries to find the best way you can “collaborate” and “connect” with us; but in practical, all important forms and information are more prominent and easier to find and use. 

Be sure to check it out MONDAY!!!  I’m very thankful to all the volunteers and staff that helped to make this possible.  This new website will be updated regularly, and there are a few other key features we’ll roll out over time, like staff blogs.  We hope you will use this tool to GROW CLOSER with us and become the disciple Jesus is inviting you to be here at St. Malachy.



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