New Communication Resources

Kate Johnson, a parishioner and our Pastoral Council Secretary shares exciting news about news resources our parish is using to improve communication and promote connections between various ministries, programs, and families.

March 28, 2021

Parish Family,

Recently, Father Danda shared the exciting news that our parish is rolling out
a series of new resources to improve communication and promote
connections between the various ministries, programs and families here at
St. Malachy. Earlier this month, we launched the new website,
featuring new platforms for both the church and our school, as well as the
new Fellowship One Go (F1Go) app that allows us to further communicate
with parishioners and ministries.

If you haven’t already, I highly encourage you to visit both the new church
and school websites, as well as use your personal F1Go log-in to update your

As a active member of the church and a future St. Malachy school parent, I
am pleased to see new and additional features like the searchable event
calendars, ministry profiles and contact information, quick resource links,
and easy access to the online giving and school fee payment tools. I appreciate that our websites are now
mobile-responsive, meaning I can successfully view and access information from my phone. An updated
website was much needed to reflect our growing parish family and the many offerings St. Malachy has for
those seeking a rich, meaningful faith experience.

St. Malachy is a large community, and sometimes this can leave us feeling a little disconnected from the people
we see at Mass each week. That’s why I am excited for our use of F1Go. This tool will allow us to better connect
with one another.

Want to become an extraordinary minister or join the Altar Society? You can use F1Go to look up the ministry
leader and volunteer. Meet someone at the parish picnic and want to invite them to Gather and Grow with
God? You can do that by looking them up on F1Go! Our wonderful volunteer religious education leaders can
even track attendance through F1Go, so we can ensure our youngest disciples are actively learning about the
love of Our Holy Father.

A significant amount of time, planning and effort went into ensuring these tools were useful. I would be remiss
not to mention the incredible work of John Kiefer and Jenny Zeunik in leading these important
communications efforts. Without a doubt, these tools will help St. Malachy continue to grow closer to God
through our parish programs, ministries, community and CLOVER principles. Be sure to check them out now
and check back often for news and additional information.

May you have a blessed Holy Week,

Kate Johnson
Parishioner and Pastoral Council Secretary

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