Fellowship 1 Go (F1GO)

by Father Sean Danda on March 05, 2021

On Monday, March 1st, our new website went LIVE!!!  Same website address:  www.stmalachy.org, but new websites for both St. Malachy Parish and School.  If you haven’t already checked them out, please do.

Last weekend, I introduced the new technology upgrades.  These included the new website that just went live on Monday but also a new parish management system (F1GO) and corresponding parishioner app (MinistryOne).  Last time, I talked about how the new website focuses on our CLOVER discipleship mission and spiritual growth resources but also how its format and important information like forms and contact info are simpler to find and use.  As I mentioned above, if you haven’t already, please check it out.

Today, I want to briefly talk about F1GO which stands for “Fellowship One Go.”  Already, several St. Malachy ministry groups have been piloting this database system and its tools.  Religious Education keeps track of attendance through F1GO, keeping a digital record.  Knights of Columbus who use the communication features for large scale mass communications among the knights.  Previously, the Knights had to duplicate their communications by dividing their contact list into several smaller groups to be sent out through their former gmail format.

These two items are just a scratch of the surface of this new parish management system.  I already use its navigation options for Communion calls and anointing of the homebound.  It organizes parishioner demographic information, the various ministries they are involved in, and keeps confidential and independent financial records. 

How does this pertain to you?  You now have the capability to update your own family’s information, access your giving record, and be in contact with your involved ministries.  In a way, it acts as a “city hub” for St. Malachy and will hopefully foster improved connection and collaboration within the church. 

How do you get started?  On Monday, March 8, all parishioners with an e-mail on file with St. Malachy will receive their individual user name and password in an e-mail.  If you do not receive this e-mail, please verify your current e-mail address with us this week.  On the website, you will find a “Login” button for F1GO or click “Visit F1GO” and access your information. 

Later this week, be sure to check out our YouTube channel and you’ll find a video tutorial on accessing F1GO and the different ways to use it. 

Part of discipleship here at St. Malachy means getting involved collaborating and connecting with each other.  F1GO is meant to help your experience to connect and collaborate through our various ministries.  We’ve never had these capabilities before, but we’re excited to get started with them.  We know it will take time for adoption but we’ll get there. 

If you have questions, talk to a parish staff member who has been getting more experienced with F1GO over the past year.


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