Lay Ministers

Interested in serving our parish family during Mass? You can serve as a Greeter, Usher, Lector, Altar Server or Eucharistic Minister. 

Choose one of the links below to learn more about these opportunities.

Already involved? Our current schedule is posted as well.

+ Altar Servers

Boys and Girls in 4th grade or older are eligible to become altar servers.  Altar servers assist the priest throughout the Mass.  

The current Altar Server schedule is available on the website. 

 Altar Server Guidelines


A new Altar Server Contact list will be available soon.

+ Extraordinary Ministers

Because our parish is so large, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are of vital importance during our parish liturgies.  We use as many as 18 for the largest weekend Masses. Through their assistance, our Communion procession is able to progress smoothly and efficiently.  Parishioners are invited to become Eucharistic Ministers after they have been confirmed. 

Guidelines for ExtraOrdinary Ministers

Guidelines for SetUp Ministers


The Extraordinary Minister and Set-Up Contact list will be available soon.

+ Greeters

Greeters are the first people to welcome parishioners and guests to St. Malachy.  They open doors for people, direct those in need to our hearing assistance devices, and ensure that parishioners have volunteered to take up the gifts. 

 Greeter Guidelines

The new Greeter contact list will be available soon.


+ Lectors

At St. Malachy, Lectors are responsible for proclaiming the Word of God, leading the prayers of the faithful, and reading our parish announcements at the end of Mass. New Lector workbooks are distributed each year in November. 

Lector Guidelines


A new Lector Contact list will be available soon.

+ Ushers

Ushers play an important role in helping Mass to run smoothly at St. Malachy.  They assist parishioners in finding seats; they take up the collection and present it to the priest during the offertory; they lead the procession to Communion; and they ensure that there are enough bulletins for everyone after Mass.

Children may begin serving as ushers once they are in the second grade, provided they serve along side a parent who has also been trained as an usher.  This is a wonderful way to involve some of our youth in liturgical ministry from an early age.

 Usher Guidelines


A new Usher contact list will be available soon.

+ Ministers’ Schedule

  • All liturgical ministers will give their mass time preferences and unavailable dates to the person in charge of making the quarterly schedule.
  • Schedule are made quarterly. They begin in June, September, December, and March.  
  • Each liturgical minister is responsible for the time and date that they signed up for. If the minister is unable to make their assigned date, a substitute will need to be found. Contact information may be found on the website for others involved in your ministry.
  • Liturgical ministers will receive an additional email before they are scheduled to remind them that they are supposed to serve that weekend.